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Here is a selection of children’s albums on the theme of colours.

Thank you to our partners at the Lille Municipal Library and the City of Lille’s Reading Plan, to the bookshops, to Marie-José Parisseaux-Grabowski, art trainer for the City of Lille…

Imaginators and colour charts for young and old

What colours!
Régis Lejonc

Éditions Thierry Magnier

If the world were colourless, it would certainly not be grey: it would be invisible. A unique and very playful colour chart of twelve colours, part artist’s book, part illustrated album and part picture book!

From 4 years old

The treasures of colours
Delphine Badreddine

Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse

This book plunges us into the enchanting world of colours and their thousand shades.

From 3 years old


Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse

Cruschiform invites us on a fabulous journey to the land of colours: mauve, fawn, polar white, ice milk, cotton candy, sakura flower, sky blue, salt flower… Along the way, we discover the secrets of these enchanting shades.

From 6 years old

Colours and shades, colours and symbolism

The most beautiful book of colours
Tom Schamp

Published by Albin Michel

Even if sometimes it is grey (like this morning when Otto opened the curtains), the world is colourful! This little character, half cat half mouse, and Leon the chameleon take us on a multicoloured journey to the four corners of the world: pink cherry trees, blue whales, a green giant, Red Square and lemon yellow… Did you know that in some countries, white was the colour of mourning? Or that in China, the Yellow River owes its name to the mud it carries?
Tom Schamp dedicates each double to a colour, mixing animals, objects and characters in a graphic and explosive whole, embellished with a host of puns, diversions and various information, always linked to the colour in question.

From 7 years old

All in colour
Florence Guiraud, Judith Nouvion

Editions De La Martinière jeunesse

An accordion format to discover colours. On the front: seven plates, each dedicated to a colour and a theme, with texts on its history and symbolism. On the back: a colour chart of all the existing shades!

From 6 years old

Couleurs et lumière

The Attic
Mona Leu-Leu

Éditions Seuil Jeunesse

A book printed with invisible inks… and a magic lamp to reveal them!
A fascinating book to explore with the magic lamp to discover the colourful secrets of a mysterious attic.
Venture into the bric-a-brac of Oscar’s attic in search of a treasure like no other!

From 3 years old

Night stroll
Lizi Boyd

Published by Albin Michel Jeunesse

A poetic stroll through the fascinating world of the night. A little boy with a torch walks silently through the forest late at night. He lights up the animals and plants he meets on his way. A hedgehog, fish, apples, mushrooms… the forest is full of surprises.

From 3 years old

The child hunter
Adrien Parlange

Éditions Albin Michel Jeunesse

One evening a child listens to his mother read him the story of the child hunter. He falls asleep without believing it, but the next day, he follows his trail in the forest, questioning the animals that could give him information and lead him to him… A device using a printed transparency superimposed on the two-coloured images not only makes the main character appear, but also a key element of the page

From 6 years old

Colours and emotion

The Colour of Emotions
Anna Llenas

Quatre Fleuves Publishing

This great classic of children’s literature deals with the subject of emotions in a simple and playful way.

For ages 3 and up

The Colour Magician
Arnold Lobel

A long, long time ago, colours did not exist. “It seems to me that there is something missing in this world”, said a magician…

For ages 3 and up

Colours and meanings

Beyond the colours

Éditions Circonflexe

How do we perceive and feel colours when we cannot see them? How can they be explained and described to a visually impaired person? In this very subtle and poetic album, colours are associated with sounds, flavours and sensations.

From 3 years old

The Black Book of Colours
Menena Cottin, Rosana Faria

Éditions Rue du Monde

We follow Thomas’ perceptions of colours. For the young man, “the colour green smells like freshly cut grass and tastes like mint ice cream”. It is the sensations about the colours that this child does not see that we discover here one by one. This is an all-black book where the illustrations can also be discovered by touch. These screen-printed illustrations appear in relief, while the text can also be read in Braille. A book about mental images and colour sensations.

From 4 years of age

Colours and experiences

Hervé Tullet

Editions Bayard jeunesse

A magical journey into the world of colour and matter, which makes you want to create and have fun!
“Take a bit of blue with your fingers and stroke the yellow. What will it look like?” “And if you rub these two colours together, what will it look like? As the book progresses, children are encouraged to use their fingers to stroke, rub, tap, shake and mix the colours on the pages. Just follow the instructions…
What a surprise to turn the page and observe the result! Green, orange, purple, light or dark colours, grey… are created before your eyes and fingers.
It is beautiful and magical: these are the colours!

From 3 years old